Semi Di Lino 200g


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Description Linen seeds 200gsmi linen
Ideal next to a fiber-rich feeding and a constant physical activity. These seeds red brown, 4-5 mm long, assisted defecation. Caid them in cases of constipation: the flax seeds, in fact, in contact with water In the stomach, they form a sort of mucilage that softens the faeces and increases its volume. An increase that stimulates the peristali, that is the expulsion of the feces by the intestine. If, more than a laxative, an embriplant, a sort of Facilitator for the passage of the faeces, can also be used with frequency. He also disenche the irritated mucous membranes, perhaps by the use of too many laxatives.
How to use
We recommend two recipes for taking linen seeds: 1) take 4 or 5 teaspoons of seed tea, break them, let them soak for twenty minnuts, filter the drink and berla.2) for those who are on a diet, ingest a couple of tablespoons of seeds and, below, drink one or two glasses of water. Seeds will transit into the intestine by increasing volume and releasing the emollient substances, but they will still come out. So the fats of which they are rich will not be absorbed by ‘intestine.
The flax seeds do not have interactions with other drugs. The main side effect is a possible flatulence. However, experts advise them not to use them on children less than six years and when suffering from intestinal occlusion and shrinkage of the esophagus.
Pack of 200 g.