Scholl Lima Piedi Doppia Azione 1 Pezzo


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Description Scholl Lima Feet Double Action 1 Pezzoscholl Lima Feet Dried Leather
Double action feet with diamond crystals has been designed with Abrasive Scholl technology. Gently removes the dry and rough skin, leaving the soft feet after only one use. No blade, no cut.Ins the hard skin without damaging the normal healthy skin. Progetto with a non-slip handle divided into two for better handling. Progetto for reach contours of the curved and difficult foot.
How to use
You can use this manual file on clean and dry feet. Use the rough side of the file to remove hard skin. Use the smoothest side for a soft and precise finish. After use, wash the file with warm water and leave to dry Of course. For a better result, it is recommended to use the Scholl moisturizing creams after use of the file.
If you have diabetes or suffers from poor circulation, you could be at risk of complications related to the foot. This product is not suitable for use in case of diabetes or poor blood circulation. Please consult a doctor or a podiatrist first of self-treating the foot. Keep out of the reach of children. Use only according to indications. Do not use on damaged or irritated leather. To use the use immediately if the skin becomes sore or irritated. Only for external use. For personal use.
Pack of 1 piece.