Pannolone Lines Specialist Classic Sagomato Super 30 Pezzi


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Description Pannone Lines Specialist Classic Shaped Super 30 Pezzisaguedo Super
Active protection technology 1. It quickly absorbs: the “quick absorps” filter captures the liquid, after, the LINES mattress locks away from the skin. 2. Help reduce redness: the lotion with aloe, in contact with the skin, creates a protective barrier, helping to keep the skin healthy and dry. The protective action of Lines Lines helps prevent and reduce skin redness. Soft and flexible side barriers for full length protection, help prevent spills where you need more. Soft elastic band in life dresses without tightening because it is designed to adapt to the waistline, offering a soft and delicate contact on the skin. Double protective barrier helps prevent spills where they occur more, to make you feel protected in every situation.
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