Onilaqare Crema Dermatologica 20g 0.25%


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DESCRIPTION ONLAQARE Dermatological cream 20g 0.25% Denomination: Onilaqare 0.25% Cream
Pharmacotherapeutic category: antifungal for topical use.
Active principles: 100 g of 0.25% cream contain: amorolphine hydrochloride 278.8 mg peri to amorolphine base 250 mg.
Excipients: polyethylene glycol 40 stearate, stearilic alcohol, liquid paraffin, v white aselina, carboxepolimethylene, sodium hydroxide, sodium edited, 2-phenoxyanol, purified water.
Directions: dermatomicosis caused by dermatophytes: Tinea Pedis (foot of athlete), Ti Cruris, Tinea Inguinalis, Tinea Corporis, Tinea Manuum. Candanee, Pityriasis Versicolor.
Contraindications / Eff.Secondar: hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or to any of the eccipien you.
Posology: apply once a day (in the evening) on ​​the skin zone affects ta.The treatment must be continued without interruptions up to complete healing, then continuing for several days. The duration of the treatment depends on the species of the mushroom and the location of LL ‘Infection.In general treatment should be protrocated for at least two or three weeks. For the mycosis at the feet can be NEC therapies of six weeks and more. This 0.25% medication in CR EMA is colorless and, afterwards Absorption or after drying, does not stain.
Storage: This medicine does not require any particular condition for co niservation.
WARNINGS: SINORA ‘SINORA Missing clinical data, the use of this drug from 0.25% in cream is not recommended, in children, and in particular in Neona Ti. This medicinal contains stearilic alcohol that can cause Reaz local skin ions (eg contacts). Skin cleansing. The medicinal product must not be reapplied.
Interactions: Interaction studies have not been performed.
Unwanted effects: Adverse reactions reported are listed in the following table for classification for systems and organs and frequency. The frequency is defined as follows: Very common (> = 1/10); common (> = 1/100, <1/10); uncommon (> = 1 / 1,000, <1/100); rare (> = 1 / 10,000, <1/1000) and mol to rare (<1/10000). The adverse reactions detected are rare and in generous and slight entity. immune system deft. (Allergic reaction (systemic)). Cute pathologies and de l Subcutaneous fabric. Very rare (<1/1 0.000): contact dermatitis.Segnariation of adverse reactions SOS Petti.The reporting suspicious adverse reactions that occurs no after authorization of the medicine is important, as it makes a continuous monitoring of the report benefit / risk of doctors nale.ali healthcare professionals is required to report any adverse reacs suspected through the national reporting system to the address www.aifa.gov.it/content/segnings-reazionzioni-avverse Pregnancy and lactation: adequate clinical data relating to the use of Amorolf Ina are not available during pregnancy and / or lactation.studi conducted in Animal I showed a reproductive toxicity. The potential risk nor the man is not known . Therefore the use of this drug from 0.25% in Crem A must be avoided during pregnancy or lactation. Women who breastfeed should avoid the application of the cream on the breast.