Master-Aid Siringa Venipuntura 2,5ml Gauge 23 10 Pezzi


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Description Master-Aid Syringe Venipuncture 2,5ml Gauge 23 10 Pezzimaster-Aid Syringe Venipuncture
The products are sterile, apirogenic, latex free and with needle graft luer slip. The needle is extremely subtle and, thanks to Flomax technology, allows a greater speed of dispensing. Greater dispensing speed turns into less discomfort for the user. The needle has a triple sharpening obtained by means of laser cutting technologies that ensure the absence of smudging and allow a truly painless injection. The needle penetrates the tissues minimizing the trauma. The body of the syringe consists of inert components able to be compatible with all the injectable medicines. The cylinder has a high transparency, an indelible and clear graduated scale that ensures a precise and perfect readability .The piston has a stop device at the end of the stroke that avoids the accidental escape of the same during suction. The dual contact grommet is Latex free. The syringes are packaged in a single blister “Peel Pack”. The product is a medical device belonging to the IIA sterile class according to Directive 93/42 / EEC.
2.5ml Gauge 23 10 pieces.