Master Aid Separatore Dita Alluce Small 2 Pezzi


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Description Master Aid Dita Separator Hallux Small 2 Pezzimaster Aid Separator Fingers Hallux
Gel separator of the first foot finger (bigte). Designed to avoid the overlapping of fingers. Recommended in the postoperative course of the valgus allucation and in cases where it is necessary to protect from rubbing and pressures the first and second finger of the foot.utile to reconstruct the space between the interdigital areas, preventing the fingers’ overlap. by hand in warm water with neutral soap. Cleanness well, do not squeeze. Lastly dry to the air. To facilitate the use of the product, once dry, talcum powder can be used.Composition of medical degree (paraffin), polymeric gel .
Do not use on Lesa of the product.
Store in a cool and dry place. Ultima conservation from the date of production, in integrated package: 60 months.
Size: Small. Dimensione: 26x13x24 mm. 2-piece pack.