Master Aid Protezione Metatarsale Adesiva 2 Pezzi


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Description Master Aid Adhesive metatarsal protection 2 pezzimster-aid adhesive metatarsal protection
Metatarsal protection in gel, thin, designed specifically for the foot of women. Ideal to eliminate the burning sensation and pain in the plantar area of ​​metatarsis that is generated due to use, for many hours every day, footwear with high heel. Also referred for those who even use low-heeled footwear want more comfort.The design, subtle and discreet, makes them ideal even if you use open shoes. They also offer anti-slip protection. To prevent and relieve pain under L ‘Avampede (burning sensation, durons, adipose bearing atrophy). Instructions for hand wash in warm water with neutral soap. Cleave well, do not squeeze. Log on to air.
Wear both protections on the two feet.In Use on Cute Lesa.Use for a maximum of 16 hours a day. Washable and reusable product. Keep out of reach of children. Diabetics and people with circulatory problems must consult the podiatrist or the Private doctor before using the product.
Dimensions: 95x63x2.5 mm. 2-piece pack.