Master Aid Protezione Combinata Alluce Valgo E Metatarso 1 Pezzo


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Description Master Aid Combined Protection Hallux Valgus and Metatarsal 1 Pezzomaster-Aid

Combined protection Loluce Valgus and metatars
Protection composed of a soft and comfortable elastic fabric associated with a gel bearing that offers extended protection to metatarsal areas and valgus allux. The gel bearing provides relief towards the pain that is generated in the front of the foot at the bottom of the metatarsis and simultaneously performs a soothing massage against allucation inflammation.The protection, subtle and ergonomic, allows adaptation to any footwear. The seams and the shape of the fabric ensure the correct positioning of the gel and maximum comfort.For Prevent and relieve pains under the forefoot and to the valgus allux. Use on both feet (reversible protection). Instructions for hand wash in warm water with neutral soap. Well, do not squeeze. Washing machine at a lower temperature 30 ° C.Use a washing retina. Leave to air to air.Composition of medical grade (paraffin), polyamide, lycra, polymeric gel.
Can be used on both feet (reversible protection). Do not use on Lesa cute. Use for up to 16 hours a day. Washable and reusable product. Keep out of reach of children. Diabetics and people with circulatory problems should consult the podiatrist or your doctor before using the product.
Store in a cool and dry place. Ultima conservation from the date of production, in integrated package: 60 months.
Dimensions: 85x90x10 mm. 1 piece contempt.