Master Aid Protezione Adesiva Per Tallone100x29x2 mm


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Description Master Aid Adhesive protection for Tallone100x29x2 mmmaster-aid

Heel adhesive protection
Heel adhesive protection made of gel On the skin and helps prevent the formation of blisters. The protection adheres to the shoe and is reusable. To protect Achilles tendon and heel from clutches that are generated due to contact with footwear. Hand washings in warm water with Neutral soap. Cleave well, don’t squeeze. Lastly dry to air.
Do not use on cute injuries. Use for a maximum of 16 hours a day. Washable and reusable product. Cover the transparent support that protects the adhesive part of the protection to apply the protection after use. Making out of the reach of children. Diabetics And people with circulatory problems must consult the podiatrist or their doctor before using the product.
Dimensions: 100x29x2 mm. 2-piece pack.