Master Aid Optomed Comfort Garza Oculare Medicata 10 Pezzi


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Description Master Aid Optomed Comfort Ocse Gauze Medicated 10 Pezzimaster Aid Optomed Comfort Medicated eyelet
Medical device CE 0373, Class I sterile. Sterile eyebaway, self-adhesive, equipped with solvent-free adhesive to offer high comfort even in prolonged use. Thanks to the materials used it allows a rapid skin perspiration, avoids sweating, it is equipped with a high anti-adherence to the wound even in the event of use of ophthalmic ointments. Suitable for dressing of the eye and the periocular area. Particularly suitable for delicate, sensitive and irritated skins. Optomed Comfort adds to the characteristics of the line a particular anatomical shape that enhances its characteristics of conformability and adherence to the periorbital zone. • adhesive: HOT MELT pressure sensitive (thermal adhesive with adhesive properties activated by pressure). High adhesion. Hypoallergenic. Solventless. Large-free Absorption: about 8 g.
Dimensions: 100×72 mm. 10-piece case.