Master-Aid Medicazione Adesiva Drop Med 15x17cm 3 Pezzi


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Description Master-Aid Adhesive Medication DROP MED 15x17cm 3 Pezzimaster-Aid Drop Medication DROP MED
Breathable dressing in non-woven fabric, equipped with a absorbent pad with disinfectant substance (chlorhexidine liked 0.5%). Hypoallergenic adhesive, solvent-free and free of natural rubber latex. Soft non-woven fabric support. Perfect conformability of the product. High comfort for the user. Do not spela and do not get dirty the wound. Allows skin perspiration. Central non-woven buffer. Wide surface in contact with the wound. Micropperphinated non-stick film. High absorbent capacity. The buffer contains 0.5% luminous chloroxidine, a large spectrum antiseptic. HOT MELT sensitive protector (heat-inspired adhesive with pressure-activated adhesive properties). High adhesion. Hypoallergenic. Solventless. Lactex-free. Packaging Tamper case for greater consumer protection. Case equipped with a hanger. To facilitate the choice of the most suitable format on the back of the cases it is shown on a 1: 1 scale the shape of the patch. The product is a medical device belonging to class III according to Directive 93/42 / EEC.