Master-Aid Idra Care Garza Impregnata 10x10cm 10 Pezzi


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Description master-aid hydra care gauze impregnated 10x10cm 10 pezzimaster-aid hydra-care gauze impregnata
Each cotton gauze contains 4G of impregnating cream, composed of hyaluronic sodium salt (0.1%), glycerol, water, PEG 4000, PEG 400. The gauze is designed individually in highlinked material capable of preserving its quality. It is indicated in the treatment of post-operative wounds, abrasions, ecoractions, burns up to the 2nd grade, leg ulcers, fissures, decubitous sores. It keeps the wound environment damp and facilitates healing. It uses an effective anti-adherent action that does not damage granulation fabric during dressing changes. METHOD OF UPPOSED A careful disinfection (master-aid disinfectant) Place the gauze in direct contact with the wound. Protect the gauze moisturacare with a tap of gauze (Dermatess) which will then be fixed with a sticker patch (RollFlex) or with one Coesive bandage (Dermagrip or stretchroll).
10x10cm.10 Garze.