Master-Aid Footcare Crio Spray Verruche 50ml


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Description master-aid footcare crio spray warts 50mlmaster-aid footcare crio spray warts
Spray for cold removal of handheld warts and plantar. It acts freely freezing the wart and triggering a removal process that is completed in about 14 days. The product is a medical device belonging to the IIA class according to Directive 93/42 / EEC. Component with a mixture of dampethyl ether, propane, n-butane, i-butane.
How to use
The buffer is applied in contact with the wart for a time variable between 20 and 40 seconds, in relation to the size of the wart to be treated. Treatment on a single wart can be repeated up to a maximum of three times.
Store at a temperature not exceeding + 50 ° c.Validity with intact packaging: 36 months.
Pack of 50 ml. Contains 12 applicating cannulas.