Master-Aid Foot Care Correttore Notturno Alluce Valgo 36-43


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Description Master-Aid Foot Care Night Corrector Alluxe Valgo 36-43Master-Aid Foot Care Night Corrector Alucitude Valgo
For the night correction of the valgus allucation. It keeps the hallux in the correct position during the night, reducing the pain. Corrective characteristics corrective material in rigid plastic material for maintaining the increase in the correct position during the night. It acts by means of a prolonged action associated with a small intensity. The corrector adapts to the shape of the foot thanks to the special Velcro. The package contains a right-to-right concealer and a corrector for left alludes. Do not use on Cute Lesa. Don’t place your foot and don’t walk with the concealer. Do not use the product during the day. The product is washable and reusable.
Keep out of reach of children. Washing instructions: hand wash in warm water with neutral soap. Rinse well, don’t squeeze. Allow to air to dry.