Master-Aid Cutiflex Strip Cerotto Trasparente Impermeabile 10 Pezzi


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Description Master-Aid Cutiflex Strip Transparent Patch Waterproof 10 Pezzimaster-Aid Cutiflex Strip Transparent Patch Waterproof Super Polyurethane Support
EC medical device. Patch in transparent polyurethane, flexible, elastic and very thin (about 20 micron). It adheres optimally (as a second skin) and protects the wound even in the event of total immersion in water. It favors the healing process because it keeps the moist environment, protects it from water and bacteria but allows the skin to breathe avoiding maceration processes. • hypoallergenic adhesive, suitable for all skin types, even those delicate children and elderly. High adhesion even during dive. Free of natural rubber latex. • Support with rounded corners for a high conformability of the product and increased comfort for the user. In transparent polyurethane, totally waterproof with water and bacteria but permeable to water vapor. The central part is enlarged to offer high protection even near the central buffer. • Central buffer with rounded corners for high conformability to wound.
– 78×26 mm (large). Pack of 10 pieces. – 78×20 mm (medium). Pack of 10 pieces. – 86×39 mm (super). Pack of 10 pieces. – 4 formats. Pack of 20 pieces.