Master Aid Cerotto Schiuma Calli 1 Pezzo


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Description Master Aid Patch foam Calli 1 Pezzomaster Aid Patch foam Calli
Patch in soft polyurethane foam indicated to soothe the pain associated with the calluses. The protection exercised towards the footwear generates an immediate relief. The upper part of the protective patch avoids friction with stockings and footwear making it comfortable to use. Hypoallergenic adhesive. To soothe pain in case of calli to fingers Double layer, acrylic adhesive.
Cleaning and drying the application zone of the patch before its positioning. Do not use on cute injuries. Avoid adhesive residues on the skin, after use, can be removed with warm water. Keep away from the reach of children. Diabetics and the People with circulatory problems must consult the podiatrist or your doctor before using the product.
Store in a cool and dry place. Ultima conservation from the date of production, in integrated package: 60 months.
Dimensions: 25x20x3 mm. 1 piece pack.