Master-Aid Cerotto Quadra 3D Boys 20 Pezzi Assortiti


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Description Master-Aid Square Patch 3D Boys 20 Pieces AssortiTimaster-Aid Square Patch 3D Boys
It is a colored non-woven fabric patch with particular “swollen” polymers that generate a “3D” visual and tactile effect. Fantasies have been specifically designed for girls and children. The extended central shape allows the use of a larger gauze. The absorbent buffer has a non-stick layer in contact with the wound that makes the detachment painless. HOT MELT pressure sensitive (thermal adhesive with adhesive properties activated by pressure). High adhesion. Hypoallergenic. Solventless. Lactex-free.
Tamper case for greater consumer protection. Case equipped with a hanger to facilitate exposure. To facilitate the choice of the most suitable format on the back of the cases it is shown on a 1: 1 scale the shape of the patch. The product is a medical device belonging to class I according to Directive 93/42 / EC