Master-Aid Cerotto Forte Med Medio 100 Pezzi


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Description Master-Aid Strong Patch Med Medium 100 Pezzimaster-Aid Strong Medium Medium
Forte Med guarantees a high protection of the external agents (dirt, bacteria) thanks to a particularly resistant support. Strong MED thanks to the microperforation allows the transpiration of the skin avoiding maceration processes. Forte Med has a central buffer containing chlorhexidine liked 0.5%, high spectrum bactericide substance. Forte MED is equipped with a hypoallergenic adhesive particularly indicated for the most sensitive skin.Supports Micropperphinable polyethylene support by ultrasound. Resistant to “accidental” contacts with water. Central tobabble in non-woven fabric, with microperrace non-stick film. The gauze contains chlorhexidine liked 0.5% to antibacterial activity. Rounded corners to improve the conformability of the wound. SOLLANGNOUGO adhesive with high adhesion, with high perspiration, hypoallergenic, free of solvents without latex.Feeling in sealed envelopes enclosed in an anti-tax case for greater consumer protection. Case equipped with a hanger to facilitate exposure. To facilitate the choice of the most suitable format on the back of the cases it is shown on a 1: 1 scale the shape of the patch. The product is a medical device belonging to class III according to Directive 93/42 / EEC.