Master Aid Calza Protettiva Gel 2 Pezzi


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Description Master Aid Protective stocking Gel 2 Pezzimaster-Aid

Protective gel stocking
Elastic stocking with thin gel protection (3 mm) positioned in the Calcanean area. The protection absorbs and disperses the pressure deriving from the weight of the weight on the heel, during walking. The protection helps to reduce the pain associated with the chapping of the heel. To protect and moisturize the cracked heels, reducing the associated pain. Instructions to wash it By hand in warm water with neutral soap. Cleave well, don’t squeeze. Washable in the washing machine at a temperature of 30 ° C. Log on to air.
Do not use on cute Lesa. Washable and reusable product. Making out of the reach of children. Diabetics and people with circulatory problems must consult the podiatrist or your doctor before using the product.
Dimensions: 86×92 mm. 2-piece pack.