Master-Aid Benda Elastica Dermagip 4x4m


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Description Master-Aid Elastic bandage Dermagip 4x4mmaster-Aid elastic bandage Dermagip
EC medical device. Bandage Self-locking elastic gauze impregnated with latex for self-adherence. Adheres on itself but not to the skin or hair. It is not bleached, well tolerated, it is highly conformable and allows a high perspiration. It has an extensibility in length of about 100%. Indicated for fixing medications in which a slight compressive effect is needed. Useful for compressive bandages and for the treatment of slightly entity traumatism. Technical features Yarn composed of 36% cotton, viscose 36%, polyamide 28%.
– 4 x 4 m cm. – 6 x 4 m cm. – 8 x 4 m cm. – 10 x 4 m cm.