Master-Aid Ago Penna Da Insulina 100 Pezzi


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Description Master-Aid Aug Insulin Pen 100 Pezzimaster-Aid Aug Insulin Pen 31 Gauge 6mm 100 Pieces
Needle inserted in the center of a surfable plastic support, from a protective cap (which is removed after screwing the needle on the insulin pen and useful to remove the needle after injection) and a needle cover. The needle allows a high speed of dispensing the injectable liquid by facilitating the drug delivery. The needle has a triple sharpening thanks to the use of laser cutting technologies that prevent the presence of smudging and consequently allow a really painless injection. The needle penetrates the tissues by reducing the local trauma and the consequent pain. Master-Aid Pen Needles are compatible with the main insulin pens.
Keep out of reach and view of children.
Store in a cool and dry place. Weld to intact packaging: 60 months.
Pack of 100 pieces.