Master Aid Afta Care Gel 10ml


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Description Master Aid AFTA Care Gel 10MLMaster Aid AFTA Care Gel
PVA oral oral gel and hyaluronic acid, suitable for the treatment of fits, small mouth injuries, sultry stomatitis. It is an alcohol-free gel that, in contact with sights and other mouth injuries, forms an invisible protective film that protects the lesion from external agents (foods, salt, acid substances, heat) and favors healing of the same. Afta care acts Thanks to the component substances: – hyaluronic acid: favors the healing of wounds thanks to its filmogeneous and moisturizing characteristics; -pva: form a protective film that isolates the aphoused lesion from saliva and by the substances responsible for the physical chemical stimulation of the lesion; -Glicyrzound of Ammonium: helps reduce inflammatory effects associated with Aftosica injury.
How to use
AFTA CARE must be applied by the appropriate relying cannula on the area affected by the lesion. Apply the product away from meals. It is necessary to avoid touching the area where the product was applied for at least 2 minutes so as to give the gel the possibility of creating a protective film.
Keep out of reach of children under 3 years of age.
Packaging validity intact: 36 months. Post-opening validity: 12 months.
10 ml tube.