M-Aid Duolastic Benda Elastica 10x7cm


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Description M-AID DuoLastic Elastic bandage 10x7Cmbenda elastic
EC medical device. Bilastic bandage not adhesive with high elongation and strong compression with anti-fraying edge. Well tolerated by the skin, permeable to the air and can be washed without altering its characteristics. It has an extensibility in length of about 120% and in width of approximately 80%. Indicated for phlebological pathologies such as thrombosis prophylaxis and symptomatic treatment of venous pathology. Support and support of joints and limbs in the presence of bruises, dislocations, tenisinhovitis. Post-fracture and post-traumatic treatments that require reduction and absorption of EDEMA. Technical fixtuffs Composed of 70% cotton, 19% polyamide, polyurethane 11%.
– 8 x 7 m.- cm 10 x 7 m.- cm 12 x 7 m.