Lycia 30 Salviette Struccanti Pelle Grassa


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Description Lycia 30 remover wipes filled leather Rintricks with mineral complex
The purifying formula with mineral complex eliminates the make-up also waterproof and faceless eyes and lips, leaving the skin clean, hydrated and naturally bright.
Lycia wipes with anti-pollution tech, active of natural origin, remove traces of smog and pollution that deposit on the skin.
The exclusive bi-phase fabric, has a side with micro-reliefs that releases the cleansing milk by gently removing trick, dust and smog and a smooth side that gently takes back the impurities leaving your skin clean, cleanly and toned.
Dermatologically and ophthalmologically testatenon need to rinse face and eye-catching even on Waterproof makeup.
30 wipes.