Lvs 60s Rosmarinus Officinalis Compositum 60ml


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Description LVS 60S Rosmarinus officinalis Compositum 60mllvs 60s Rosmarinus officinalis Compositum
Labor Villa Stoddard LVS 60 Rosmarinus officinalis compositum 60 ml is a food supplement.
Way of use e
Detoxification crisis: If it takes place, suspend the hiring for 2-3 days, then take it back to reduced dosage, gradually increasing it. The detoxification crisis is very rare since mixtures are designed to carry out a drainage and a delicate and respectful regeneration of organic cycles. Baby cycles and sensitive people to taste: for children and all those people who do not bear the flavor of mixtures is advisable to dilute The preparation with water in which it has been melted in a non-pasteurized Italian honey bain-marie (acacia honey is the simplest to use). Instead of honey you can use or maple syrup or dark organic cane sugar or yet the malt. Possibly you can also use a melissa herbal tea, orange flowers of linden or other plants like. To pour the drops into hot water and wait, before drinking, a maximum of ten minutes: in this way a good part of alcohol will evapore. All light or transparent mixtures, in case of very small abstemie or children, can be directly rubbed on the skin (the most absorbed points are the socket of the arms, behind the ears and the navel) .Baby: not Internally administer preparations before the twelve-month age, and in any case always use reduced dosages compared to those for five years. Veterinary use: mixtures can be used, as well as men, also for veterinary purposes; In this case, dose in relation to the weight of the animal and administer the preparation 3-4 times a day. Mixtures: Do not take more than four different mixtures a day. In complex affections or in chronic situations are usually matched at least three mixtures according to the cases; See the technical sheets in this regard. It is preferable not to take products all together, but distance them at least fifteen minutes from each other. Do not take the clear and dark mixtures simultaneously (it means at the same time recruitment). Always start from clear or transparent ones.