Lubrigyn Detergente 200ml


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Description lubrigyn detergent 200mlubigyn detergent suitable for intimate hygiene, used as a soap substitute, on the skin in all shapes of dryness, irritation, burning and itching causes different causes such as a hormonal treatment, the pill, childbirth, the Diabetes, a particular local treatment, pre-menopause, menopause, certain periods of menstrual cycle, or simply for surmenage. Practical for people forced to the immobility that can be cleaned without using water.
How to use
It is used with or without rinsing: as a cleansing milk with wipes and with water like soap for intimate hygiene and all over the body. Creamy oleolate characteristics, lubricant and moisturizer for intimate and skin hygiene, suitable for ultra-sensitive, dry, fragile and reddened skins. Non contains alkaline substances, anionic surfactants, lanolin, oil derivatives (paraffin and derivatives, Vaseline). Hyaluronic acid components; mauve; Bisabolol; aloe vera; jojoba oil; Sweet almonds; olive.
200 ml tube. Cod. 1723