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Description Lubrigyn Vaginal cream 20 sachets 2mlubigyn vaginal cream
Lubrigyn Cream is a preparation with lubricating, moisturizing, emollient and protective properties towards the vaginal mucosa, subject, for various causes, to disconnectable incutable dryness or contingent. The dryness of the female genital device can have various causes, correlated to endogenous or exogenous situations sometimes even of psychological origin; It is not necessarily related to organically pathological states. The application of Lubrigyn Cream on the sensitized area, brings a condition of well-being, softness and hydration that relieves the sensations of discomfort and sleepy, constituting a barrier towards sensitizing agents that would lead to altered trophism and inflammation. The effectiveness of Lubrigyn Cream is given by the presence of ingredients between them with effective synergism of action: plant extracts have long known as protective, refreshing, soothing, emollient, and nutrients; Hyaluronic acid is fundamental in tissue regeneration processes and cell proliferation which also actively participates in elastin As, after the application, no greasy, does not stain, it does not contain added aromas or dyes and is compatible with the use of prophylactics and interior absorbents. The product is recommended in all cases where you need to counteract the inconveniences related to Vaginal dryness of any origin, as emollient and soothing. For its lubricating action, it can also be useful for the improvement of the couple relationship.
How to use
Respecting the usual hygienic precautions, gently apply the contents of a sachet in all cases where vaginal dryness is detected. Repeat the operation as needed, even several times a day and in any case always after intimate pecorated water, sweet almond oil, propylene glycol, cethylstearic alcohol, cetyl alcohol, stearilic alcohol, eumulgin b1 (ceteareth-12), mystical isopropyl, vitamin A palmitate, glycolic extract of calendula, palmitate isopropil, dimeticone, bht, imidazolidinilura, cocamidopropil betaine, peg-32, peg-6, glucose, hydrolyzed elastin, benzyl alcohol, triethylene glycol, lactic acid, jaluronic acid (salt sodium), magnesium chloride, magnesium nitrate, methylcloroisotiazolinone, methylisotiazolinone.
The product generally does not irritate and is well tolerated. Do not use in case of individual intolerance. If irritation phenomena occur interrupt applications. Report to your doctor or pharmacist any secondary effect not described in the instruction sheet. The product is not intended for the treatment of skin lesions. Keep out of reach of children.
Store in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources. Do not use beyond the expiration date shown on the package or if the package is visibly damaged or open. The effectiveness of the device is guaranteed only to integrated packaging packaging.
20 sachets from 2 ml