Luan Gel 15g 2,5% + applicatore


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Description Luan Gel 15g 2.5% + Applementery PHARMACOTHERAPEUTICA Aesthetic surface area. Active principles Lidocaine hydrochloride. 4.5% gel indications: facilitates endourthral maneuvers by combining the lubricating action the anesthetic action. Gel 1%: esophagoscopic intubations and curative anesthesia, pharyngoscopies, tracheo-bronchoscopies, gastroscopies and rectoscopies, and in all endoscopic indications with an exploratory and healing nature. The product, combining the lubricating action that anesthetic means, avoids spastic reactions and reflexes from the mucous membranes in endoscopic maneuvers with which the tools come into contact. Storage This medicine does not require any particular conservation condition.