Luan Gel 100g 1% Chirurgico


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Description Luan Gel 100g 1% SurgicalUnuan Pomade 1% is a gel that is used in the esophagoscopic ntubactions and for curative anesthesia, pharyngoscopies, tracheo-bronchoscopies, gastroscopies and rectoscopies, and in all endoscopic indications with an exploratory and healing nature. The product, combining the lubricating action that anesthetic means, avoids spastic reactions and reflexes from the mucous membranes in endoscopic maneuvers with which the tools come into contact. Posology e
How to use
To use Luan Pomata 1% Carefully spread a layer of product on the instrument before introducing it. Contraindications hypersensitivity to the components of the product.
Specials the effectiveness and safety of the lidocaine depend on a dosage and a correct application technique. It is therefore necessary to use the minimum quantity of the preparation sufficient to obtain the desired effect and avoid the application for very prolonged periods. The Luan must be used with caution in patients with severely damaged mucoses or seat of inflammatory or sepsis processes in the region in which the application should be carried out as there could be excessive absorption of the active ingredient. A high absorption of lidocaine can cause serious reactions to be paid by S.N.C. and the cardiovascular apparatus in particular in children, the elderly and in the debilitated subjects. Topical application products, especially if used for a time protracted or repeatedly, can give rise to awareness-raising phenomena. In this case it is necessary to interrupt the treatment and establish a suitable therapy. The medicine contains benzoate sodium: it can be slightly irritating to the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. The medicine contains paraidrossiibenzoati: it can cause allergic reactions, even delayed.