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Description LTF Ocular drops 8mlltf eye drops
LTF is an ophthalmic solution containing ipromellosa, which lubricates and moisturizes the ocular surface. The formulation also contains lactoferrin, a substance normally present in the tear fluid, which modulating the presence of iron contributes to inhibiting microbial growth. LTF is useful in all cases of alteration of the lacrimal film, caused by exposure to sunlight, wind, air conditioning and the use of digital screens.
How to use
1. Keep the bottle upside down between your thumb and other fingers. Produced evenly on the ocular surface. Monobasic phosphate, bibasic sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, purified water.
– In very rare cases, in patients with severely damaged ocular surface, the use of ophthalmic solutions containing phosphates has been associated with corneal calcification. Therefore, consult your specialist before the product administration in the case of cheratopathy in Bandelletta or soccer deposits on the cornea.-The product is sterile up to the opening; –evitize the contact of the tip of the bottle with the eyes, the surrounding surfaces, Hands or other surfaces, to avoid the contamination of the solution; – it well tighten the bottle after use; – Do not use in case of hypersensitivity known to any of the components; – Do not use the product if the package does not arise intact; – In the case of adverse reactions suspend the use of the product and consult your doctor; – Protect from heat sources and keep out of the reach of children; – Do not ingest; – Do not use the product after the expiry date indicated on the package; -eliminate Possible residual product properly in separate collection; – case of persistent problems, consult your doctor; – Do not use the product continuously for more than 30 days.
Store the product at a temperature below + 30 ° C.Validity with intact packaging: 24 months. Post-opening validity: 30 days.
8 ml bottle.