Lp Ringlets Cereali Cioccolato 250g


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Description LP Ringlets Cereals Chocolate 250GLP Low protein chocolate ringletsanellini, ideal for feeding children, adolescents and adults with errors of the metabolism of amino acids (eg, phenylchetonuria) and from pathologies that require low power supply Protein content. Extremely reduced content of protein and phenylalanine. Ideal for feeding subjects with congenital errors of the metabolism of amino acids. With fibers, natural cocoa, without flavoring. Not suitable as the only source of nutrients.
Starch (wheat, potatoes, corn); sucrose; Modified starch; honey; chocolate; food fiber; inulin; cocoa powder; emulsifier (monoglyceride); salt.
How to use
1 PORTION = 30 g of LP-ANELLINI + 125 ml of LP-drink.
CContine A source of phenylalanine.
Keep in a cold and dry place. Once the package is open, use the product within 1 month.
Nutritional features
for 100 gvalore energy1641 kcal387 kjproteine1 gleucin45 mgmethionina9 mgfenilalanina31 mgtirosin12 glypids1.9 gccarboidates of which sugars91.4 g33.6 gmineralisode65 mgcloro105 mgferro2.1 mgoligoelimentichomo40 μgvitaminevitamine d1.1 μgvitamine k18.3 μgvitamine b60,1 mgvitamine b120.2 μg
250 g box.