Lozione Vittoria Soluzione Cutanea 1000ml 0,1%


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Description Victory Lotion Solving Solution 1000ml 0.1% Designation: Victory Lotion 0.1 g / 100 g
Pharmacotherapeutic category: antiseptics and disinfectants.
Active principles: Benzalconio chloride 0.101 g.
Excipients: 96% ethanol, lemon perfume, purified water.
Directions: disinfection and cleaning of the skin even injured (wounds, sores, burns).
Contraindications / EFF.Secondar: hypersensitivity to components or other substances closely related from a chemical point of view.
Posology: Use pure, without diluting. Imboss a cotton pad or gauze with a little product and apply on stakeholders, 2-3 times a day. Do not exceed the recommended doses.
Storage: The product is easily flammable. Welcome in well-closed containers, away from flames, sparks and any source of heat.
Warnings: Do not use for prolonged treatments. The accidental inhalation of some disinfectants can have serious consequences, sometimes fatal. Avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays (sun or artificial sources) after applying. Avoid the Contact with the eyes. The product is only for external use, prolonged species use, products for topical use can give rise to awareness-raising phenomena, in this case interrupt treatment and establishing a suitable therapy.
Interactions: Avoid contemporary use of other antiseptics and detergents.
Undesirable effects: It is possible to occur, in some cases, of intolerance (burning or irritation), moreover without consequences, which does not require treatment modification.
Pregnancy and lactation: no use limitations are provided.