Lovol-esse 4 Bustine 64,5g


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Description Lovol-they 4 sachets 64,54.5glovol
Isotonic preparation for cleaning the intestine with simeticone. The presence of simeticone, an anti-gas substance, reduces the sensation of swelling in the stomach and the intestine. It is indicated in all conditions that require a preparation of the intestine before colon diagnostic exams or surgical interventions. At citrus taste.

How to use
The product occurs in envelopes whose content should be dissolved in water, for the preparation of an oral solution.

Macrogol 400, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium chloride, chloride potassium, simeticone, anti-covenant (silicon dioxide), sweetener (acesulfame k), aroma (orange). Unsweetened.
Do not add other ingredients to the reconstituted solution. The reconstituted solution must be consumed within 24 hours.

4 sachets 64.5g.