Lorenil 1 Capsula Molle Vaginale 600mg


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Description Lorenil 1 Vaginal soft capsule 600mgDenominazionelorenil Vaginal soft capsules
Category PharmacotherapeuticAntimicrobici and antiseptic, excluding associations with Corticostero Idi.
Active principles Nitratezole.
Exceptional Vaginal softapsules 200 mg: triglycerides of saturated fatty acids; Yes Colloidal anhydrous glycerol or; titanium dioxide; sodium ethylidrossiibenzoate; sodium propylidrossiben zoato.volor vaginal capsules 600 mg: liquid paraffin; BIAN CA Vaseline; soy lecithin; jelly; glycerol; titanium dioxide; sodium ETI Lidrossibenzoate; Sodium propylidrossiibenzoate.
Indicating the genital mucous membranes (vulvovaginiti, affected, fluor infect ivo).
Contraindications / EFF.Secondaripersensità to the active ingredient or to any of the eccipien you.
PosologiaCapsules Vaginal soft: 1 vaginal soft capsule from 200 mg at night p rhyme to bed for 3 days or second of the doctor’s judgment.1 Vaginal soft capsule from 600 mg in the evening in unique administration. In case of persistence of symptomatology, after three days A second administration can be repeated. The soft capsules must be introduced deeply into the vagina up to the level of the supplies.
ConservationNon Store at a temperature higher than 30 degrees C.
Warnings, especially if prolonged, products for topical use, can give or Igine to sensitization phenomena. At the moment of the internal internal duty you can find a modest burning sensation that disappears quickly.
Interactionin not known.
Undesirable medicinal effects is generally well tolerated on mucous membranes; Only exceptional were mild and transitional reactions erythematous. Systemic repercussions can be excluded.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding ‘The absorption of the medicine is poor, the use of the urante product the pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended except in approx. And after a careful assessment of the benefit / ri schio report.