Loprofin Loops Cereali 375g


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Description Loprofin loops cereals 375gloprofin cereal cereal lops aproteics for breakfast. Dietary product for special medical purposes, indicated in the power supply of individuals with congenital metabolic disorders, renal or hepatic insufficiency.
Modified wheat starch; sugar; thickener: modified starch (E1412); inulin; Dried plums; honey; maltodextrin; emulsifier: mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids; salt; Dye: BetaCarotene.
How to use
The amount of aproteic cereal depends on age, body weight and patient’s clinical conditions.
To be used under medical control. Not suitable as the only nutritional source.
Nutritional features
For 100 g of energy value1636 kJ – 385 kcalproteins of which Fenilalanina0.32 G6.2 mgcarbohydrates of which sugars93.6 g38.9 ggwills of which saturate1.07 g0.86 gfibre1.1 gsodio82 mgpotassio66 mgfosforo36 mgprofilo aminoacidicol-arginina2 mgl-cistina < 7 mgl-isoleucina3 mgl-leucin9 mgl-lysina3 mgl-methionina1 mgl-fenilalanina6.2 mgl-treonina6 mgl-tyrosine3 mgl-valina7 mg Format 375 g.