Longlife E Selenium 45 Tavolette


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Description LONGLIFE AND SELENIUM 45 TABLETS Vitamin Eating selenuminator and selenium Natural extract of vitamin E (in dry form) and selenium
Charging agent: calcium bibasic phosphate, vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheril succinato; anti-covenante: magnesium stearate vegetable; guaranteed yeast (0.2% in organic selenium; anti-covenante: silicon dioxide; coating agents: hydroxypopylmethylcellula, calcium carbonate , talc, polyethylene glycol. It does not contain gluten.
Nutritional features
Medifer values ​​¼ of tabletavitamin and 500% (equal to 90 u.i. of alpha-tocopherol equivalent) 60 mgselenio25 mcg (45% vnr *) * vnr: Nutritional reference values.
How to use
Take a fourth (¼) tablet a day with water during the meal.
Food supplements should not be understood as a substitute for a varied diet and must be used following a healthy and balanced fine style. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children under three years of age. In case of diabetes, heart failure, use of oral anticoagulants and pregnant it is necessary to hear the advice of the doctor.
Keep in a cool and dry place. Validity to intact packaging: 36 months.
45 tablette bottle of 1,200 g. Net weight: 59.4 g.