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Description Longlife Colostrumax 60 TabletColostrumax Tablets Chewable
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2-4 chewable tablets a day away from the main meals. Features Food supplement based on bovine colostrum collected within 12 hours after childbirth, lyophilized, pasteurized and 30% standardized in immunoglobulin IgG. The colostrum is the first “milk” maternal produced in the early days after childbirth. It is a rich source of bioactive components such as antibodies, growth and nutritious factors for the newborn and can cause passive immunization against various microorganisms, especially those that are present in the gastrointestinal tract. The colostrum can favor the physiological defenses of the body against external aggression and support intestinal rebalancing. Components Limethylized bovine colostrum 1000 mg tit. min. 30% in IgG. Code 0293