Longlife Absolute Vegan 500g


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Description Longlife Absolute Vegan 500GlongLife Absolute Vegan Vegetable-based protein supplement.
Isolated pea proteins, isolated rice proteins, inulin, aroma (vanilla). Gluten free. GM-free.
Nutritional features
Medifer values ​​100 g energy value1.722 kJ 407 kcal fats of which saturated fatty acids5.5 g 2.5 g carbohydrates of which sugars 24 g 5 g fibers5 g protein 64 g salt 0.7 g
How to use
Pouring 3 scoops (about 33.3 g) of dust a day in a glass of water, or other drink, or mix smoothly. Mix up to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
The total protein supply (plus supplement diet) must not exceed 1.5 g / die / kg of body weight. In case of prolonged use (over 6-8 weeks) you need to consult your doctor. The product is contraindicated in cases of renal, hepatic, pregnancy pathology and under the age of 12.
Store at a temperature from 10 to 25 degrees. Validity to integrated packaging: 36 months.
Jar from 500 g.