Lomexin Crema Vaginale 78G 2%+ 1 Applicatore


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Pharmacotherapeutic category: antimicrobial and antiseptic, excluding associations with Corticostero Idi.
Active principles: nitrate fisticonazole.
Excipients: VAGINAL CREAM 2%: Propylene glycol; hydrogenated lanolin; Refined spindle oil; polyglycolic ester of fatty acids; alcohol cetili co; monostearate glyceril; Sodium edited; purified water. Solution goes Gale 0.2%: propylene glycol; Benzalconio chloride; alchilamidobeta ina solution; depurated water. VAGINAL soft capsules 200 mg: triglice laughs of saturated fatty acids; Anhydrous colloidal silica. The envelope of the casing: jelly; glycerine; titanium dioxide; ethyl paraidrossib enzoate sodium; Propyl sodium paraidrossijanzooto.capsules Vagi Nali 600 mg: liquid paraffin; white vaseline; Lecithin of soya.cos tituenti of the casing: jelly; glycerine; titanium dioxide; ethyl sodium paraidrossijanzoate; Propyl sodium paraidrossijanzoate.capsul and vaginal soft 1000 mg: liquid paraffin; white vaseline; soy lecithin. Casing welcoming: jelly; glycerine; titanium god ssido; ethyl sodium paraidrossijanzoate; Propyl paraidrossiibenzoate s odico.
INDICATIONS: VAGINAL CREAM 2%, VAGINAL soft capsules 200 mg and 600 mg, AGINAL VI solution 0.2%: Candidiasis of genital mucous membranes (vulvovaginiti, affected, infectious fluor). Vaginal soft capsules 1000 mg: trichomoniasis vaginal nale.venuated vaginal infections In mixed form by Trichomonas Vagin Alis and Candida albicans.Candidiasis of genital mucousies (Vulvovagini Ti, affected, infectious fluor).
Contraindications / EFF.Secondar: hypersensitivity to the active ingredient or to any of the eccipien listed; pregnancy.
Posology: VAGINAL CREAM 2%: Introduce the contents of the applicator (about 5 g) deeply in vagina. It is applied by applicator (washable and reusable) before bedtime, if necessary even in the morning. The purpose of avoiding a reinfection is recommended The contemporary between local technology (glans and foresets) of the partner with the partner with the cream.Solition and vaginal 0.2%: 1-2 vaginal irrigations a day, for 7 days, com and adjuvant therapy the other formulations for the prevention of R ecidives. Vaginal soft capsules 200 mg: 1 vaginal soft capsule from 20 0 mg in the evening before bedtime, for three days, depending on the judgment medical uncle.volly vaginal capsules 600 mg: 1 vaginal soft capsule from 600 mg in the evening in a single administration. In the event of a persistence of the symptoms, it can be repeated after 3 days a second misnote. Vaginal soft hipsules 1000 mg: in vaginal infections by Trichomonas and in those mixed (Trichomonas + Candida) is recommended Licare 1 Vaginal soft capsule from 1000 mg followed by a second from application after 24 hours, if necessary. In infections from Candida: 1 VAGINAL soft capsule from 1000 mg in the evening in single administration E.in case of persistence of symptomatology, can be Repeated d opo 3 days a second administration. Vaginal soft vaginal capsules introduced deeply into vagina (up to the level of the supplies).
Conservation: None.
WARNINGS: At the time of introvaginal introduction you can encounter a mode is a burning sensation that disappears rapidly. Use, especially if prolonged, products for topical use, can give rise to sensitization phenomena. In this case interrupt the Treatment and EST IRE a suitable therapy. The vaginal soft capsules or vaginal cream N ON must be used with barrier contraceptives.Creama vagi nale 2% and vaginal solution 0.2% contain propylene glycol.posso to cause cutaneous irritation. VAGINAL 2% contains Alcohol CET ILICO.Puo ’cause local skin reactions (eg DAcontat to) Gale 0.2% Contains Benzalconio chloride. Irritating, can cause Reaz ion ions Local slims.capsules Vaginal 200 mg, soft capsules Vagi Nali 600 mg and vaginal soft capsules 1000 mg contain ethyl paraidr oxybenzoate sodium and propyl paraidrossiibenzoate sodium.posson caus are allergic reactions (also delayed).
Interactions: Fatty excipients and oils contained in vaginal soft capsules or vaginal cream can damage lattic contraceptives and.
Unwanted effects: when used as recommended, the medicine is only scarce gate and no systemic unwanted effects are provided.The prolun GATO of products for topical use can cause sensitization phenomena. In the table below are the undesirable effects TI, listed according to the classification for systems and organs according to MedDRA and based on the frequency: very common (> = 1/10); common (> = 1/1 00, <1/10); uncommon (> = 1/1000, <1/100); rare (> = 1 / 10,000, <1 / 1,000); Very rare (<1 / 10,000); not noticed. Apparatoghie reproduced Ivo and the breast. Very rare: Vulvovaginal burning sensation. Cute and subcutaneous tissue Authorization of the medicinal product It is important, in Quello allows a continuous monitoring of the benefit / risk report of the medicine. Pregnancy and lactation: Although the vaginal absorption of fenticonazole is rather poor, it is advisable not to use the medicine during pregnancy.