Lofric Primo Catetere Urinario Monouso Uomo Punta Nelaton CH10 40cm 30 Pezzi


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Description LOFRIC FIRST Disposable Urinary Catheter Man Nelaton Ch10 40cm 30 PiecesLofric First Urinary Catheter Disposable Self-lubricating Hydrophilic POBE Lubrication PolyvinylPirrolidone Sterile Sleeping Sleeve Integrated Man NelatoDondoDoSposition Medical CE 0086, Class I Sterile. Urinary, hydrophilic, disposable, self-lubricating with sterile water integrated in the Packaging, for intermittent catheterization. The hydration of the catheter takes place in a sterile environment. The surface of the catheter is made with Urotonic Surface Technology: the combination of the polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), salt (NACL) and the water present in the integrated sachet, makes the coating of the first isotonic Lofric catheter with urine, after the activation. The packaging of each individual product allows a safe catheterization in every situation: – sachet with sterile water integrated in the packaging – the packaging of each individual product allows handling without direct contact with the catheter body, thanks to the presence of a special sheath for l Insertion and subsequent extraction of the catheter (“NO-TOUCH” sheath). PRODUCTION CODE
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The first Lofric catheter is disposable. Once the exclusive surface coating deteriorates and the catheter is no longer sterile. The risks associated with re-use can be: greater grip, pain, bleeding, urinary and long-term stenosis and epididimitic streets infections.
Box containing 30 catheters. Each catheter is packaged in a single blister consisting of polyethylene (PE).