Lofric Hydro-Kit Catetere Urinario Pobe Monouso Uomo Punta Nelaton CH12 40cm 20 Pezzi


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Description LOFRIC HYDRO-urinary catheter kit Disposable POXE MAN TIP Nelaton CH12 40cm 20 PIECESLOFRIC HYDRO-urinary catheter kit POBE Disposable man NelatoD medical toe CE 0086, Class I Sterile. Urinary, hydrophilic, disposable, self-lubricating with sterile water and integrated collection bag In the packaging, for intermittent catheterization. The hydration of the catheter takes place in a sterile environment. The surface of the catheter is made with Urotonic Surface Technology: the combination of the polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), salt (NACL) and the water present in the integrated sachet, makes the coating of the Lofric Hydro-Kit Isotonic catheter with urine, later Activation. The packaging of each individual product allows a safe catheterization in every situation: – sachet with a sterile water integrated in the packaging package of 1000 ml graduated urine for hanging the kit or facilitating the support of the sackcode products producedPunthemiaDiametro4200830lofric Hydro-man kit Nelaton40 cmCH084201030LoFric Hydro-Kit Man Nelaton40 cmCH104201230LoFric Hydro-Kit Man Nelaton40 cmCH124201430LoFric Hydro-Kit Man Nelaton40 cmCH144201630LoFric Hydro-Kit Man Nelaton40 cmCH164201830LoFric Hydro-Kit Man Nelaton40 cmCH184230830LoFric Hydro-Kit Donna20 cmCH084231030LoFric Hydro-Kit Donna20 cmCH104231230LoFric Hydro-Kit Donna20 cmCH124231430LoFric Hydro-Kit Donna20 cmch144231630lofric hydro-kit woman20 cmch164231830lofric hydro-kit woman20 cmch184210830lofric hydro-kit baby20 cmch084211030lofric hydro-kit baby20 cmch10vantages- integrated system composed of: catheter, collection bag and sterile water, which allows a safe catheterism i n Every situation even in the absence of a bath-button to hang the kit or facilitate the support of the sacca- activation: Urotonic Surface Technology reduces friction during catheterization, ensures comfort and reduces the risks of complications in the long term – presence of one Sheath for inserting and subsequent extraction of the catheter that allows a weld socket and the non-touch-to-touching technique at the atraumatic drainage for a better comfort – the package allows you to dispose of hygienic-pvc free: POBE, Polyolefin-based elastomer, has a low environmental impact during the entire life cycle1- DEHP Free: no risk of loss of plasticizer agents – LATEX FREE: no risk of allergic reaction to the catheter manufacturing machinery latexmaterials (including connectors): Polyolefin-based elastomer (POBE) Coating material: polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and salt (NACL) material integrated in the package: collection bag : Butilacrilated polyethylene (EBA) Sachet containing water: polyethylene laminate (PE), aluminum and polyethylene-fetaled (PET). All the materials used are non-toxic tested materials, of medical and biocompatible grade. Without DEHP, PVC and latex.
The Lofric Hydro-Kit catheter is disposable. Once the exclusive surface coating deteriorates and the catheter is no longer sterile. The risks associated with re-use can be: greater grip, pain bleeding, urinary and long-term stenosis and epididimitic streets infections.
Box containing 20 catheters. The primary packaging of the catheter and sachet containing water consists of the urine collection bag.