Locobase Lipocrema 350g


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Description Lipocrema Lipocrema 350Glocobase Lipocrema
Complementary rehydrating-emollient treatment in case of subchronic and chronic dermopaths; In intermittent therapy with topical corticosteroids.
How to use
Apply a thin layer of Lipocrema Lipocrema on the interested skin area, 2 times a day massaging slightly. If it is applied in the presence of skin infections, establish adequate antibacterial or antimicotic therapy. Topical factorships whose base is constituted 70% of fatty substances and for 30% of water; The particular type of pharmaceutical preparation and the use of particular surfactant agents has made it possible to maintain the aqueous phase as an external phase to emulsion, significantly improving the cosmetic acceptability of the preparation towards other emulsions similar to Lipocrema Lipocrema. For its adherence characteristics and leaving no fatty residues on the skin and by virtue of particular spreading it is suitable for the treatment of limited zones. Furthermore, due to its soothing effect it is particularly suitable for the adjuvant treatment of subchronic and chronic shapes. Lipocrema is also an ideal base for the preparation of galenics with water-soluble and / or liposoluble active ingredients.
The product is not for ophthalmic use. Hold the product out of the reach of the children.Componentiva Bianca, Vaseline oil, Cethylstearic alcohol, polyethylene glycolethylene, anhydrous citric acid, sodium anhydrous citrate, methyl-p-hydroxybenzoate, sterile methylisty q.