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Description Lithosolv Granular 153llithosolv Formula Retard Food supplement of alkaline potassium salts able to correct the excessive acid load, assessed directly through the urinary pH measurement; This can be carried out easily through the use of the strips attached to the package. The urinary pH is a value that varies during the day with more significant lowering during the night and in the morning; For this reason it is preferable to measure it especially when awakening. If the pH value is less than 6 it is appropriate, if confirmed by the doctor, make any correction by assuming Lithosolv in the morning and in the evening, then verifying the urinary alkalizing action with the appropriate strips. In the presence of uratic calculosis it is advisable to maintain the urinary pH between 6.5-6.8 to favor the dissolution of uric acid crystals. A daily water intake is also recommended yes 2.5-3 liters to promote the dilution of urinary aurial acid.
For 1 measuring scope (5.1 g) Potassium bicarbonate 1,031 g potassium citrate of which potassium2,228 g 30 meq
How to use
1 measure taken on a full stomach preferably in the evening. The particular Retard formulation of the powder allows a continuous release of the alkalizing substances ensuring constant pH values ​​during the day. In the event that the urinary pH, measured in the morning upon awakening, it is still kept less than 6.0 is advisable to take a second scoop after the morning coalition. Verse the contents of a measuring cup in half a glass of water, stirring thoroughly; It will form, due to the lipofila nature of the microgranules that guarantee the controlled release of the alkaline salts contained in them, a suspension that must be taken immediately. The insolubility of the Micro Granulato therefore constitutes a peculiarity of the preparation and does not affect the absorption and effectiveness.
How to use
PH strips Ralacing the urine in a container. With dry hands. Withdraw a strip from the transparent sachet. Immerse the strip in urine for 1 second, extract it and drain the urine into excess. The wet part of the Strip will take a different color according to the pH of urine. Within 2 minutes cooffer the color of the EOO strip that of the reference colors scale, present in the package. Read the value corresponding to the color that is closest to that of the strip. The disposable strips must be thrown into household waste after use. Any changes in the coloring of the unused strips, do not compromise their precision.
Contrained in patients with hyperkalemia or conditions that can prepare to the appearance of such plasma alteration. Chronic renal failure appears between these conditions, uncontrolled mellitus diabetes. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children under three years of age. Supplements should not be understood as a substitute for a varied diet. For pregnant or lactating women and children it is recommended to hear the advice of the doctor. Lithosolv is generally well tolerated. Rarely, in particularly sensitive subjects, mild gastrointestinal disorders such as abdominal heaviness, nausea and occasionally diarrhea can be developed. Contemporary interactions Lithosolv hiring and potassium saver drugs (Triamterene, Spironolattone, Amiloride) could determine hyperkalemia. It is therefore advisable to monitor the trend of Kaliemia. Intractions with other drugs are not known.
153 g bottle with 5.1 g cicchiain of dust. Inside the package is contained a plastic bag with 20 strips for pH control with relative colorimetric scale. Cod. 01019