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Description Lithos 60 Bustelithos 60 sachets
Food supplement based on potassium citrate and magnesiod particular aid in subjects undergoing an intense loss of liquids, such as strong sweating, diuresis or diarrhea, or in patients in therapy with drugs such as diuretics, laxatives and cortisones. It also has a peculiarity, which distinguishes it from all other mineral supplements: its alkaline nature. In fact, being citrate based, an alkaline salt, it is also useful to integrate a poor diet of alkaline values ​​(fruit and vegetables) or compensate for a diet with a high intake of proteins or fats that would determine excessive acid load for the organism.
Each sachet from G 3.85 contains 14 Meq of potassium (547 mg) and 7 miq of magnesium (90 mg) and 21 miq of citrate, in a granular formulation
We recommend the recruitment of two sachets a day, unless otherwise medical indication. Lithos is preferably with a full stomach.
Box containing 60 sachets based on potassium citrate and magnesium from G 3.85.