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Description Lithos 100 Compresselithos Food supplement based on potassium citrate and magnesium. It is of particular help in subjects undergoing an intense loss of liquids, as in case of strong sweating, excessive diuresis or diarrhea, or in patients in therapy with drugs such as diuretics, laxatives and cortisones. It also has a peculiarity that distinguishes it from all other mineral supplements: its alkaline nature. In fact, being citrate based, an alkaline salt, it is also useful to integrate a poor diet of alkaline values ​​(fruit and vegetables) or compensate for a diet with a high intake of proteins or fats that would determine excessive acid load for the organism. This condition would facilitate, with his continued, the onset of some diseases, such as osteoporosis and renal calculosis, which often manifest themselves precisely with a poor presence of citrates in urine. It is in fact reminded that the citrate present in the urine represents one of the most important defenses against the formation of urinary calculations.
for 1 tablet (1280 mg) potassium 274 mg (7 meq) magnesium 43 mg (3.5 meq) citrate 10.5 meq
How to use
We recommend taking 2 tablets a day, unless otherwise medical indication. It is preferably on a full stomach, assuming the tablet with a little water.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children under three years of age. Supplements should not be understood as a substitute for a varied diet. For pregnant or lactating women and children it is recommended to hear the advice of the doctor.
Pack of 100 1280 mg tablets. Code 1022