Listerine Difesa Denti&Gengive Travel 95ml


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Description Listers Defense Teeth & Gums Travel 95Mllisters Defense Teeth & Genghe Travel
Defense for teeth and gentivelisters defense teeth and gums, with fluoride content, helps protect teeth from caries. If used twice a day in addition to usual oral cleaning, it guarantees optimal protection for teeth and healthier gums. The benefits of listerine defense teeth and gums. • Reinforces the enamel protecting the teeth from the insorggio of caries; • promotes protection and reduction of the plaque, one of the main causes of gingival disorders; • Helps to eliminate the bacteria of the oral cable; • guarantees fresh breath up to 24 hours; • does not alter the balance of the bacterial flora of the oral cable; Clinically tested EAFFICIALE PLATCH, and the bacteria contained in it, can often be the main cause of gingival disorders and the onward of caries. Tooth and gum defense caries eliminates up to 99% (in vitro) of bacteria that form the plaque and acts in All points that are difficult to reach with the simple toothbrush. If used in addition to the usual oral cleaning, Listerine® defense tooth and gums is clinically tested to reduce the formation of the plaque by improving the hygiene of the whole oral cable. A mouthwash based on essential oils and fluoride. • The characteristic formulation to the essential oils of Listerine®: Thymol, eucalyptolol, menthol, methyl salicylate. • Fluoride to the taste of: Fresh mint Indications: Good daily habits How to use correctly LISTERINE® Defense teeth and gums. • Twice a day, after carefully brushed your teeth. • 20 ml per dose, or about 4 teaspoons. • Rinse the oral cable for about 30 seconds. • Use pure without diluting in water. • Do not ingest. Do not use under 12 years of age.
Listerine; teeth; gums; mouthwash; ging protection; enamel protection; antibacterial; tartar abstract; toothpaste; White teeth; Fresh breath; Activated carbon; dental floss