Listerine Advanced Defence Sensitive 500ml


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Description Listerine Advanced Defense Sensitive 500mllisterine Advanced Defense Sensitive
Treatment for relief from dental sensitivity. LISTERINEADVANCED DEFENCE SENSITIVE is a mouthwash for use even daily with a technology based on potassium oxalate crystals. Create a physical shield on the nerve discovered for deep protection from dental sensitivity. Alcohol free. Dental sensitivity is a short and sharp pain caused by the exposure of dentin to stimuli of various kinds, such as hot, cold, acid foods, sweets or mechanical nature stimuli. The causes of dental sensitivity: dentin, one of the constitutive teeth structures, contains thousands of microscopic tubules that lead to the dental pulp, where the nerves are enclosed. In a healthy mouth, dentin is covered by gingival tissues or enamel. A scarce or incorrect oral hygiene or aging (among other factors) can cause gingival recession and, consequently, exposure of dentinal surfaces and tubules. When the uncovered tubules are exposed to hot, cold, acids or sugars, the flow of the fluid within them increases and is transmitted to the nerve endings located in the pulp. This translates into an acute and sudden pain. Occludes the tubules open through the stable crystals depot on both the surface of the dentin and deep inside the tubules. The crystals inhibit the movement of the fluid that stimulates the nerves and causes pain. Provides deep protection and pain relief caused by dental sensitivity. Fresh mint flavor.
How to use
Use twice a day, morning and evening, after the toothbrush. Pour 10 ml of product (2 teaspoons from 5 ml) in a glass, make a flush for 60 seconds by making the liquid pass well across the mouth. Do not swallow. Not suitable for people under the age of 18. To get optimal results regularly use twice a day for at least 2 weeks. Continued use is necessary to maintain lasting protection from dental sensitivity.
Listerine; teeth; gums; mouthwash; ging protection; enamel protection; antibacterial; tartar abstract; toothpaste; White teeth; Fresh breath; Activated carbon; dental floss