Lisimix Mangime Complementare Per Equini 30 Bustine


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Description Lisimix Complementary feed for horse 30 bustinelisimix
The B group vitamin association with yeasts, choline, amino acids, is useful in assisting physiological liver function, even in cases of convalescence, food errors or seasonal stress. convalescence or secondary intoxication to infectious diseases or food errors. Particularly indicated as a complement to the ration designed to avoid the overload of the digestive system. It provides the liver suitable components to aconent the best operation in the performance of its metabolic, catabolic, detoxifying and regenerative functions. Its use is also indicated in all phases of convalescence, after seasonal and food stresses and must continue until the complete recovery of organic functions. During lawning and lactation, when nutritional requirements become higher, continuous use is to be preferred because more adequate to the kinetics of the active ingredients that compose it.
How to use
Maximum daily dose per animal: foals (up to 250 kg of weight): administer 1 head / day product envelope for cycles of at least 30 consecutive days; Adult horses: administer 2 head / day product envelopes for at least 30 consecutive days.
Store the dry, fresh and well-ventilated place, close the package immediately after each withdrawal. DESTROSIE COMPONENTS (glucose) – pitted carbrube flour – yeast – Decorticated wheat flour – amino acids (lysine 90,000 mg / kg methionina 40,000 mg / kg – glycine 13,000 mg / kg – isoleucine 4,000 mg / kg – leucine 8.500 mg / kg – valine 4,000 mg / kg) – Additives pursuant to law 281/63 and Succ. Mod. [Dried Precipated Silicum Acid E551A] Q.B.A 100%.
30 sachets.