Liquick Base Catetere Autolubrificante Uomo Punta Ergothan CH14 40cm Con Soluzione Fisiologica 60 Pezzi


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Description Liquick Base Self-lubricating catheter Man Punta Ergothan Ch14 40cm with physiological solution 60 piecesliquick base self-lubricant catheter man tip ergothan
EC medical device, sterile and disposable. Bladder catering in Tip Ergothan to a street for intermittent self-lubricating hydrophilic catheterization ready for use with saline water 0.9% sterile integrated and sterile protective sheath that allows you to insert the catheter without touching it with your hands . The tip is an ergothan tip, flexible and at the same time stable in order to allow gradual opening of the urethra facilitating the insertion of the bladder catheter. The catheter holes are atraumatics because rounded and beveled both internally and externally through the particular Realization technology: SCE (Soft Cat Eyes) The delicate urethral mucosa is therefore preserved and the risks of irritation or bleeding are minimized. All to guarantee minor traumaticity during the insertion and removal of the catheter. The Ergothan tip is colored according to the color code of the measurement (CH). Sterility is not guaranteed if the package is not integrated. Use immediately after opening the package. Disposable product not re-extrisable. Chemical-physical compatibility of materials towards substances with which potentially can come into contact: fats and oils, such as vesseline and paraffin oil; Organic solvents such as benzole and ether; oxidizing materials such as oxygenated water, hypochlorite sulfur; Disinfectants containing phenol or similar.
Store at room temperature, away from direct exposure to light. A prolonged fluorescent exposure, sunlight or heat damage the device.
Length 40cmch14.60 pieces.