Lipovet Premiscela 50ml


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Description Lipovet premix 50mllipovet premixed vitamin premix for dogs and cats Indications should be used: in adult dogs for vitamin deficiency disorders both in male and female, and in all states (disease, pregnancy, breastfeeding, fatigue, etc.) In which an excited-anabolic action is required. In the newborn puppies, immediately at birth when they present signs of neonatal suffering, as well as later when requested an incentment stimulus and a particular contribution of vitamins A, D, E. Posology e
How to use
3 ml Each kg of dry feed (humidity 10% approx.) Or every 3 kg of mash ready (humidity 70% ca.) which corresponds to: -puccioli: 2 drops per kg one or twice a day -cani and adult cats : 2 drops per kg weight once a day for large dogs and for convenience you can measure the lipovet in ml: 1 ml corresponds to 30 drops. Mix the Lipovet at the normal food ration. Components for 1,000 ml: vitamin to 4,000,000 u.I.; Vitamin D3 200,000 U.I.; vitamin E 2,000 mg; Support: Egg Lecithins 20 g; seed oil q.b.
: 50-500-1000 ml bottle.